Team 2

Biology of thrombopoiesis

Team manager : François Lanza

Blood platelets are produced following a very elaborate process, thrombopoiesis, from a giant cell of the bone marrow, the megakaryocyte. The projects of team 2 relate to unresolved platelet formation issues concerning their structure, the role of the medullary microenvironment, the emergence of megakaryopoiesis during embryogenesis.

Team 2, in close collaboration with Team 1, is also involved in the study of hereditary platelet diseases in the framework of the Plaque Disease Reference Center and an international consortium dedicated more particularly to the study of Bernard-Soulier’s disease.

Finally, a unifying project within the unit concerns the production of blood platelets in vitro. Efforts are made both on the proliferation of progenitors, the differentiation of progenitors, the maturation of megakaryocytes and the recovery capabilities of platelets produced. For this, various types of progenitors, different modes of culture and co-culture in the presence of stromal cells as well as microfluidic systems are implemented.

This work involves multidisciplinary expertise in cellular and molecular biology, mass spectrometry, confocal and electronic microscopy, animal models and clinical research.

Project leaders :

  • Henri de la Salle
  • Catherine Leon
  • Nathalie Brouard
  • Catherine Strassel

Engineers :

  • Catherine Angenieux

Technicians :

  • Sylvie Moog
  • Josiane Weber
  • Léa Mallo

Post-docs :

  • Alicia Bornert
  • Thao Nguyen Hoang Trinh

PhD Students :

  • Camille Jost
  • Julie Boscher
  • Valentin Do Sacramento

Theses :

  • Quentin Kimmerlin
  • Cyril Scandola