Team 1

Biology and pharmacology of platelets

Team manager : Dr Christian Gachet

Team 1 is interested in different aspects of the physiology, pathology and pharmacology of platelets.

In terms of haemostasis, most of the activity is carried by the diagnosis and characterization of platelet diseases with the aim of identifying new genes involved in diseases not yet labeled. This work is carried out in close collaboration with the University Hospitals of Strasbourg and the Hematology Department of EFS-Alsace.

Regarding thrombosis, the many animal models developed are used to evaluate new targets or new molecules that can modulate platelet responses and inhibit occlusive phenomena. In vitro approaches in microfluidic systems are also implemented.

Transfusion research focuses on the development of new transfusion products, the functional characterization of products that have benefited from a process of inactivation of pathogens and the study of pathophysiological mechanisms of phenomena such as TRALI.

A theme developed in recent years concerns the role of purinergic receptors in vascular inflammation, whether these receptors are expressed on the surface of blood platelets or on the surface of endothelial cells or of several types of leukocytes.

Finally, the role of platelets in metastatic dissemination is studied in animal and in vitro models with a particular focus on integrin alpha6beta1 in platelet interactions with cancer cells.

Project leaders :

  • Pierre Mangin
  • Béatrice Hechler
  • Arnaud Dupuis
  • Blandine Maître

Engineers :

  • Catherine Ravanat
  • Nicolas Receveur

Technicians :

  • Stéphanie Benoît
  • Catherine Bourdon
  • Patricia Laeuffer
  • Véronique Heim

Post-docs :

  • Marion Lavergne

PhD students :

  • Yannick Rabouel
  • Ahmed Muhammad-Usman

Theses :

  • Emily Janus-Bell
  • Charles Tacqard