The imaging department of the EFS Grand Est/UMRS_1255 includes photonic and electron microscopy resources that are applied to the visualization of platelets and megakaryocytes in vitro and in situ in fixed samples and in vivo in real time.

2 areas of activity :


Photonic microscopy today has 8 acquisition systems: 4 epifluorescence microscopes, a confocal microscope, a multi-photon microscope and 2 macroscopes.

Observations are carried out either on fixed samples (multi-marking, colocalization) or live samples in dynamic conditions (adhesion in flow conditions, calcium signalling, etc.), or in real time during the formation of thrombosis in small animals. Our multi-photon microscope is designed for dynamic imaging of cells in different mouse organs by combining speed, resolution and tissue preservation.

Electron microscopy consists of a scanning microscope for studying cell topology, a transmission microscope for ultrastructural observation and high-resolution tomography of subcellular compartments, and a double-beam microscope for 3D reconstructions of whole cells.

Photon microscopy