Catherine Ravanat obtained a 3rd cycle thesis from the University of Grenoble in the field of carbohydrate chemistry. She did a post-doctoral internship at the Charles Sadron Institute in Strasbourg, under the supervision of Philippe Gramain. Then, at INSERM U311-EFS Alsace in Strasbourg, she studied the Annexin V with Jean Marie Freyssinet. She defended a thesis at the University of Strasbourg on the structural characterization of annexin V and its use as a probe for the exposure of catalytic phospholipids in the regulation of coagulation. In 1997, she obtained a research engineer position at INSERM U949-EFS Alsace. She is involved in the various research projects of the unit. Its mission is the development of specific reagents and adapted technical means for basic thrombosis and hemostasis research projects, for clinical projects on platelet diseases and studies on the viral inactivation of pathogens in blood derivatives intended for transfusion. . His areas of scientific and technical expertise are the production of coagulation proteins, the development of biological tests in different animal species. She is a reference in flow cytometry, Biacore, thrombin generation (CAT method) and protein purification.