After obtaining a degree in Engineering in Biotechnology (Strasbourg School of Biotechnology (ESBS), in 1990, then her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology option Neurochemistry in 1994, Catherine Léon carried out a post-doc from 1995 to 1998 at the INSERM Unit U311 (Strasbourg), during which she worked on the cloning of the P2Y1 receptor. She joined INSERM in 1998 and continued her work on the role of ADP receptors in hemostasis and thrombosis. Subsequently, she studied the role of myosin IIA in platelet physiology and more recently in platelet formation processes. She is currently CR1 INSERM at UMR_S1255.

Research Themes :

The work of my team focuses on the mechanisms involved in the maturation of megakaryocytes and the formation of blood platelets. We focus on the role of cytoskeletal proteins, in particular myosin IIA, and the medullary microenvironment, in particular extracellular matrix proteins. In this theme, a first approach aims to study the role of integrins, which are the major receptors for extracellular matrix proteins. The second approach aims to mimic in vitro culture certain aspects of medullary tissue by the development of 3D culture media in which the stem cells can differentiate in the presence of extracellular matrix proteins.


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