Biologist Pharmacist – PhD

Arnaud Dupuis obtained his diploma of doctor in Pharmacy and his DES of medical biology specialized in hematology in 2012 at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Strasbourg (UDS). In addition to his medical degree, he obtained a Master 2 under the direction of Philippe Kastner and Susan Chan (IGBMC, Strasbourg). During this period, he was interested in the characterization of acute lymphoblastic leukemia B and in particular the role of transcription factor Ikaros in these pathologies. At the end of 2012 he joined EFS Alsace and UMR-S949. At EFS Alsace, he is currently responsible for the hematology / hemostasis laboratory specialized in the study of platelet anomalies. He is also in charge of the research of anti-platelet antibodies (anti-HPA) in the histocompatibility laboratory. In addition to his activities as a biologist, he conducts research on the functional and molecular characterization of unlabeled thrombopathies. He is particularly interested in P2Y12 platelet receptors and the identification of new genes involved in platelet empty pool diseases.

Research Themes :

  • Molecular and functional characterization of new P2Y12 variants identified in patients with hemorrhagic syndrome
  • Study of the biogenesis of platelet dense granules and identification of deficient genes in platelet empty pool diseases (non-syndromic forms)
  • Study of genetic abnormalities involved in the pathophysiology of untagged congenital macrothrombopenia.


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