IR EFS – Manager of the Electron Microscopy platform

Anita Eckly-Michel obtained her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, France in 1995. She was recruited as an engineer at EFS-Alsace in 1997, and is now in charge of the electron microscopy laboratory. to the different projects in the unit.

Research Themes

Thanks to the innovative technology of the electronic microscopy platform, the unit studies, among other things, the spatial distribution of future platelets in megakaryocytes and specifies the interactions that these precursors develop with their environment during their differentiation and maturation processes.

The FIB-SEM allowed us to characterize the first steps of formation of the demarcation membrane network (pre-DMS) of the megakaryocytes. It reveals that the pre-DMS is initially formed by an invagination of the plasma membrane and then fed by Golgi vesicles and by the endoplasmic reticulum. This work will be pursued mechanistically by focusing on the link between the first stages of intussusception and the process of aborted cytokinesis.

The study of the 3D distribution of platelet secretory granules is performed by analyzing the three-dimensional connections between the various cytoplasmic compartments in resting and stimulated platelets. In addition, the visualization of the three-dimensional ultrastructure of a thrombosis, even within an artery, will also be possible. This work will make it possible to understand the platelet formation mechanisms and to clarify their interactions with the constituent elements of the blood with, in perspective, the treatment of hemorrhagic and thrombotic diseases.


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