UMR_S1255 has an A1 containment and OGM 1 classification animal house which permanently houses 3200 mice in individually ventilated cages. The animal house covers an area of 200 m2 with 1 breeding area, 2 housing areas, 1 sampling area, 2 surgery areas and 2 intra-vital observation areas.

The introduction of new animals is carried out following an aseptic revitalization by embryo transfer or by insemination of semen in SOPF females. If the health status is compatible, the introduction may take place after quarantine and verification of the absence of pathogens on the FELASA exclusion list.

A quarantine of transgenic lines is enforced in order to make the animals available to researchers. The introduction of a new line is subjected to a consensus agreement between the different users of the facility.

A culture of animal welfare is at the center of our activity. Zootechnicians and researchers work hand in hand to ensure optimal living conditions for the animals. The animal welfare structure works to continuously improve the conditions in which animal experimentation is carried out.


  • Thrombosis models
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Sampling of bone marrow or fetal liver for cultivation of megakaryocytes or for direct examination.
  • Blood collection under conditions compatible with a hemostasis study
  • Bleeding time measurement models
  • Thrombocytopenia induction models
  • Thrombosis models
  • Intra-vital observations
  • Transfusion
  • Stroke
  • Metastatic diffusion

Team manager : Monique Freund