Animal facility

Establishment user of animals for scientific purposes approved A1

  • Breeding and housing area accommodating 4000 mice housed in individually ventilated cages.
  • Transitional accommodation area separated from the main animal facility, equipped with a ventilated rack equipped with 80 disposable cages.

Scientific equipment

  • 3 experimental areas equipped with vetflurane® anesthesia workstations
  • 1 operating microscope
  • 2 macrofluos®
  • 1 inverted microscope equipped with laser for intravital microscopy
  • Small animal irradiator in co-management with the Paul Strauss anti-cancer center in Strasbourg


  • Models of venous and arterial thrombosis in rodents
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Collection of bone marrow or fetal liver for megakaryocyte culturing or direct examination
  • Blood sampling under conditions compatible with a study of hemostasis
  • Models for measuring bleeding time
  • Models of induction of thrombocytopenia
  • Transfusion

Scientific and zootechnical manager : Monique Freund